How To Sell Your Own Home

How To Sell Your Own Home

So the day has finally arrived. After many years of living in a house where you have raised your entire family and spent countless hours enjoying its many fine features, your home must be sold. A home will provide a family with years of beautiful memories. Sad to say, however, there always seems to come a time when the family home needs to be sold. The reasons can vary from downsizing to moving into a new area. It does why you want to sell your home but it is important to follow a few basic tips that will help you to sell your home quickly and at a great price.

It is interesting to discover that many homeowners are deciding to sell their home on their own. The reason for this is often because of the high commission rates that real estate agencies charge. This means that the homeowner will usually receive thousands of more dollars. They can use the extra money to purchase another home, go on an around the world vacation, or for whatever. Not to say that retaining the services of a reputable real estate agency is a bad decision but rather to say that selling your own home is another option that a homeowner can utilize.

Yes, there are many reasons to sell your own home. Some of the basic tips that will help you to sell your home quickly include organization, cleanliness, appeal, smell, and a friendly attitude. This article will explain in detail how the above tips will help you to sell your home.


One of the main reasons why many potential home buyers reject a house is because of inadequate storage space or clutter. Therefore, it is important to make your home clutter free and spacious. Even if your home does not have a lot of extra storage space, you can create the illusion that it does by eliminating items that are seldom used. For example, you can rent a storage unit to store all of your seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, skis and winter toys, summer sporting items such as golf clubs and surfboards, or any other item that is not being used.

A home buyer will often look into closets and storage areas to investigate whether there is enough storage or not. Unfortunately, many home sellers try to have their home look uncluttered by stuffing everything into a closet. Never do this but as previously mentioned rent a storage unit during the time that you are selling your home. You can also store any bulky pieces of furniture to help your home look more spacious.


Cleanliness is something that will be easy to do. Obviously, a dirty home will not be appealing to any potential home buyer. Simply do a thorough cleaning to make everything sparkle and shine. Do not forget to wash all of the windows and vacuum daily. After all, you just never know when someone will show up for a tour of your home.


Home buyers will be looking at a variety of homes before making a decision on which home to choose. You will want to make your home appealing so that they decide to choose your home. You do this by making sure that everything inside and outside of your home is properly working and attractive.

For example, you may want to invest a few dollars in paint. Painting the outside and inside of your home will provide a fresh, appealing look. Of course, make sure that you choose colors that are neutral so that the potential new homeowner can decorate with their own accessories.


This may seem like something silly but it has proven to be very effective. When a potential home buyer comes into your home and notices a very pleasing smell it may influence their buying decision. What type of aroma is best to choose? One of the best aromas is of freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee. This simple tip is dynamite and extremely effective.

Friendly Attitude

Finally, it is important to maintain a friendly attitude when showing your home. This may be harder than it seems and especially when someone criticizes something about your beloved home. You also will be dealing with different types of people and some of them may be extremely rude or nasty. However, a friendly attitude will go a long way to help sell your home and this will be especially true in a home buyers market.

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